Heineken Launches New, Improved Bottle Label

World’s most international premium beer brand, Heineken has unveiled an all-new bottle label. The premium beer brand has had an exciting year, with the introduction of a newly designed 33cl can, a new SKU (the 33cl sleek can), as well as the launch of a new crown cork.

This change in label adds to a long list of eventful activities, which further cements Heineken as a market leader in the beer industry.

The new label which carries the “Heineken Original” wordmark is a reference to the authenticity of Heineken. This new label also changes the text from “Premium Quality” to “Premium Lager Beer”, as well as a change from “original recipe” to “unique recipe”.

The new label represents the next subtle step in the evolution of the Heineken identity. It keeps the brand identity contemporary and progressive while maintaining Heineken’s most iconic design elements.

As the world’s most international premium beer present in over 192 countries, the new Heineken Label clearly spells out that it is indeed the Premium Lager Beer. Likewise, the replacement of “Original Recipe with Heineken A-yeast” to “The Unique Recipe with Heineken A-yeast” is a statement that highlights what makes Heineken Lager beer unique and different from other beers.

Speaking on the change of label, Portfolio Manager, International Premium Brands, Nigerian Breweries Plc., Sarah Agha says, “Change is inevitable, and it is important that when a brand such as Heineken decides to introduce a new label, it carries the right message. All the nomenclature changes on this label represent what makes Heineken special and premium. We are proud of our rich history and we look forward to more great years delivering premium satisfaction to our consumers.”

Heineken is one of the most international brands with a presence in over 192 countries. Since its emergence in the Nigerian market, Heineken has become one of the most iconic beer brands in the country. It’s involvement across various touchpoints such as sports, music, and fashion has made Heineken a leading premium beer brand in Nigeria.

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