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Mouka Limited Heralds the Launch of the Mouka Mondeo Spring Mattress

In keeping up with the ethos of “adding comfort to life”, Mouka Limited, Nigeria’s leading mattress production company, has announced the launch of the next generation of spring mattresses, the Mondeo Spring Mattress with an exciting advert.

The TV advert introduces people to the Mondeo Spring mattress, a product that ensures that every night spent sleeping on it, is a real good night. “Mondeo Spring consumers will happily discover that every night will be a real good night,” said Mr. Ray Murphy, Mouka Limited CEO, when presenting the products to the company distributors during the 2018 distributors’ conference in Lagos.

“Mouka’s commitment to providing the best comfort for its customers through continuous innovation has led to the introduction of the Mouka Mondeo spring mattress,” he continued.

The new Mouka Mondeo Spring mattresses have undergone extensive product development and feature superior spring technology for maximum support and spine alignment as well as air vents to optimize sleep comfort. Combined with quality layers of foam and quilting, the responsive springs provide both durability, comfort and the correct full body support for a good night’s sleep.

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