The Search For MTN Y’ello Star Winner Is Fascinating

Across the nukes and crannies of Nigeria and beyond, the groundbreaking virtual audition story of who becomes the MTN Y’ello Star winner has been revealing. During the search for the best musical talents in the country, the production team came across potential vocalists that defied the odds and those that exhibit courage, reflecting stories that positively touch lives – the stories that are difficult to ignore. 

The inarguably strategic and pivotal Y’ello Star online audition is the beginning of an opportunity that is changing the lives of several young aspiring musicians. 

As we continue in the quest for the maiden winner, we have decided to take a step back, shine the spotlight as we showcase those human-interest stories behind the story. We present to the audience Turn It Up – A 9 episodes (4 minutes per episode) skits on how some selected contestants at the early stage of MTN Y’ello Star online auditions displayed sheer determination, courage, and ability to overcome challenges. Ruth Odalonu, a visually impaired contestant, alongside a selected seven among several others, held the production team spellbound. Heartwarmingly, they turn it up during the auditions. 

Concerning the soon to be aired MTN Y’ello Star main show, for the first time in the history of musical talent showpiece in Nigeria, the inarguable strategic and pivotal online audition mechanism in selecting the Y’ello Star contestants is a ground-breaker. The faultless online auditioning gave contestants the freedom and comfort to audition at their time wherever they are. It was an opportunity that was inclusive and cost-effective. For the first time, with access to data, any contestant can audition in a world of their own. MTNas a leading telecom company through their technical Partner (Afrinolly Creative Hub) handling the MTN Y’ello Star, continues to add value to all their customers.  

Being a Nigerian company with deep roots in Nigeria, MTN is aware of the challenges that are currently plaguing the country with high unemployment and migration rates. With Y’ello Star, MTN seeks to leave a long-lasting impact by empowering the youths and showcasing their talent to the world. The show is design to groom musical talent by providing a lifetime opportunity to turn their dreams and aspirations into reality. Since 2006, through the MTNF/MUSON Scholarship Programme, MTN Nigeria has trained hundreds of young Nigerians in the art and business of music. Y’ello Star takes this further by bringing the process of creating the ultimate superstar to every Nigerian television screen.

Emmanuel Solomon’s performance exemplifies courage, determination and respect. Faced with the obstacle of choosing between his mother and the audition, he found a creative way to balance both.

Oladimeji Akeem – When trouble hits home, and you find yourself in the dark, what do you do? Akeem brought creativity and the-can-do spirit to overcome the obstacle

Eniola Oyinkansola & Noel Odunsi – Even COVID-19 shutdown and travel restrictions could not stop brave contestants from participating across the globe. Thanks to the innovative, digital-first, and pivotal Y’ello Star online audition platform

Adeshola Adeshina – Despite being hospitalized and with drip on his hand, he rose above the inconveniences and pain to deliver his audition

Conrad Chitambala (African Voices) – Everywhere you Go! Meet the team that defied geographical barrier to have their voices heard at the audition.

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