Sterling Bank’s OneBank App Promises a New Way to Live

With most of the world, including Nigeria experiencing a lockdown, we have seen a change in
the way we live and the role adaptation plays in curbing the spread COVID-19. With change
definitely comes adaptation and that is how we evolve as humans.

It is with this in mind that Sterling launches its new and improved banking App, the OneBank
app. OneBank opens up a whole new financial and non-financial experience to the digital space.

With OneBank, a 100% digital bank, you as a customer can get everything done without
entering a branch considering the isolation and lockdown laws that have been put in place to
keep us all safe.

As a 100% digital bank, a customer can start a banking journey via self-onboarding (account
opening, KYC, Documentations etc) and end up with an account instantly that will enable
immediate transactions even as documents are being processed. In summary, you can open a new bank account and start transacting from your mobile device in a matter of minutes.

OneBank comes with sophisticated features, promising an impeccable user experience and
convenience at its best. The features range from making payments and transfers to accessing lending options, investing, financial advisory, informational and even lifestyle services which brings together that intuitive banking experience on your mobile phone. The best part is that OneBank offers the ability for any new and existing customer to open a new account and operate it digitally.

With times changing and us adapting to the new way we do business, OneBank is obviously a new way to live. All you need to do is download the app, register for an account or sign in to
start banking instantly, right from your home. OneBank is fully developed and maintained by
Sterling Bank, which creates a competitive advantage in a fast-changing world.

OneBank is available on Playstore and IOS store. Follow this link to find out more and download the app.

As we adapt to our new lifestyle, we can’t but agree that it is actually a new way to live.

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