The Transition Train’s innovative lottery initiative ushers in new era of financial freedom and empowerment

The Transition Train, in collaboration with Patrick Ogunjobi & Co, a leading Real Estate Surveying and Valuation firm, is leading the charge for financial independence amidst Nigeria’s economic challenges. Together, they’re reshaping lottery programs, offering not just prizes but also pathways to a brighter future for countless Nigerians.

Princess Adesuwa Obaseki, Founder and CEO of Transition Train, reveals that with as little as N1000, participants could win a luxurious fully furnished house in Magodo on Lagos mainland, while N5000 grants another a chance for a house in Victoria Island. In addition to the grand prizes, every participant also has a shot at consolation prizes through monthly raffle draws.

The grand prize winners will emerge at the lottery program’s grand finale on December 3, 2024.

At a recent press briefing at Radisson Blu Hotel in Ikeja Lagos, Princess Adesuwa Obaseki emphasized the partnership’s mission as a catalyst for positive change, aiming to empower individuals and foster financial stability despite economic hurdles.

“In a country abundant with talent and potential, economic obstacles often hinder opportunities,” remarked Princess Adesua, expressing concern over rising costs of living and the struggle for low to middle-income earners to make ends meet, as rising living costs and limited opportunities. She envisioned the comprehensive lottery platform as a means to address economic challenges by giving individuals control over their financial destinies and a transformative tool, stating, “From the moment you hold the ticket, the world around you transforms into where you want to be tomorrow.”

The lottery targets Nigeria’s vast population, offering grand prizes like luxurious homes, cars, vocational/business tools, and new small-trade/business setups. ESV Patrick Ogunjobi, Principal Partner of Patrick Ogunjobi & Co, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing equal opportunities for all Nigerians to pursue their dreams.

Beyond wealth generation, The Transition Train aims to drive positive social change by promoting resilience and equity in Nigerian society. With a focus on integrity and compliance, the company ensures a safe and secure environment for all participants.

The Transition Train Empowerment Lottery is Licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries and Gaming Authority. Terms and conditions apply.

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