The Season Finale Of Showmax’s The Buzz Ends On A Note Of Forgiveness

When The Buzz’s final episode started with the show’s wildest highlights, it was immediately apparent that it would be scorching, and it didn’t disappoint.

Her first guest for the show was BBNaija Shine Ya Eye host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu. They started the conversation with Ebuka telling Toke his most significant highlights of the season. One of them was the twists like the wildcards, Maria’s fake veto power, new housemates, and Nini’s pranks. He also shared his personal wildest moments, saying Tega and Boma’s moments top the list. Ebuka also took a minute to praise Whitemoney, lauding him for playing the game well. As a final word on the show, the fashionista described the show in three words as unique, diverse, and free of disqualifications.

Next, the sixth, fifth, and fourth housemates on BBNaija joined Toke on the show. Emmanuel started off by saying all his achievements in the house were miraculous to him. The 24-year-old added that he was shocked to see himself in the finale. He felt like he didn’t deserve it since he made it there because of a game. Emmanuel also declared that he and Liquorose are in love. Liquorose also confirmed this later on in the show.

Angel also told Toke that she went into the house with the plan to toast all the boys so that they would not nominate her. She confirmed that she took a shower with all the boys in the house because she was comfortable in her body. She added that the bathroom was a communal one, so it shouldn’t have been a problem. Toke made her talk about the boys’ ‘packages’ and asked if that was her attraction to Cross. While she confirmed that he is packing, she said the real reason she got stuck was that he’s weird, funny, and the chemistry is there. Finally, she said, “I like Cross”. The 21-year-old ended the conversation about her being friends with Boma, saying they are not friends and they will never be.

Emmanuel and Angel also addressed the issue of them flirting. Emmanuel said, “so if I have a girlfriend, I can’t have a friend?” Angel then cleared that she was not the one who first started the flirting. She cited an example saying, “one time like this, I was chilling. It was a Friday night party. I went to dance with Emmanuel, jeje. Next thing, Emmanuel was like, kiss me. I said ‘shuo’!”

Cross talked about his fight with Nini and his tears afterwards. He said it was very emotional for him because she pushed certain buttons like his dyslexia. He also talked about how much he appreciates Angel and her kindness. He said they weren’t speaking, and Toke took on the place of a therapist to settle their issues.

Finally, the top three housemates took centre stage on The Buzz. Liquorose led the conversation, talking about how fulfilling it was to be the last woman standing. Pere jumped in on the conversation about making it to the top three. He also said he still felt like a winner, despite getting close to the grand prize and losing out. Speaking about Whitemoney’s win, he said, “it was amazing. I’m happy for him. It’s a great feat for him, so I’m excited for him. I congratulated him that night. I was excited and jumped up with him”.

The BBNaija Shine Ya Eye winner, Whitemoney said he didn’t expect his win at all, but each time he beat the evictions, he felt better about his chances. He talked about his hustles saying, he’s done a lot to survive except stealing, killing or defrauding anyone before. He added that Queen is a part of him he will remember for a long time, but he has no romantic feelings. He also said he was only catching cruise with JMK, but he liked Jackie B.

Liquorose cleared the air about Angel being a threat to her relationship with Emmanuel. She added that even though she isn’t friends with Angel, they are okay, and she genuinely loves her. Pere also talked about his ‘military-like’ tone, saying he only uses it when trying to control his emotions. Toke Makinwa ended the season most appropriately. She asked Pere and Whitemoney if they were friends, and they both confirmed that they were.

Hopefully, The Buzz returns next year when a new season of BBNaija begins. Until then, check out more reality series on Showmax to help relieve the intense feeling of missing your favourite housemate. Download the Showmax app on your iOS or Android device for the exclusive episode from the BBNaija’ Shine Ya Eye’ edition.


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