Brand New: Slimmz’s Debut EP ‘Love Life’ Is A Must Listen

In the Nigerian music industry, there’s no disputing that the year 2020 has been the year of multiple EP releases, and the artiste Slimmz has just added his EP called ‘Love Life’ released on the 18th of December. The 5-tracks body of work contains party tracks and sing-along songs. It’s a must-listen..

Listening to the first song in the EP called ‘Bami jo’, one doesn’t need rocket science to know it’s a party starter. The second song called ‘Only You’ has trappings of a World Music nominated track. The next is called ‘Weekend’ featured rapper Ycee – it’s a fan favorite. The song called ‘Crazy’ is a slow tempo feel-good music. The last on the EP called ‘Kowo Wole’ is a powerful prayerful song reminiscent of Paul Play’s hit track called ‘Mosorire’ and the group Safari-One Day.

“The EP is inspired by my life experiences – how I have managed to navigate the up and downs of life and relationships. Working with artist YCEE on one of the songs was productive. He’s like a brother to me”. – Slimmz. Although growing up was unconventional, yet his experiences shaped his character and love for music. Despite recording his first demo in 2008, his apt for music was clear from the young age of 8 when he would play the drums in church.

“As a person, I would describe myself as steadfast. I try not to let negative life experiences keep me down, and I have always managed to come out the other side as a better person. I would describe my music as Afro-pop – which is known worldwide today as Afrobeats. My kind of music is a fusion of various genres from jazz, Afrobeat, all the way to House music and Hip-hop. Before releasing this EP, I have put out two singles. I had the song Life and Rock My World. The ‘Love Life’ EP epitomizes who I am as a musician. I implore everyone to have a listen – it’s good music.

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