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GLO’s Latest Ad by SO&U Merges Football Moves with African Culture

What other time to flood our screens and timelines with ads than a season when our eyes are literally glued to our screens; a season of goals, beautiful tension and the Nigerian breed of sarcasm and shade?

As always, during the world cup season, brands try to outdo themselves by putting out ads that’ll impress us and appeal to our football spirit. Overtime we’ve gotten used to them, the ads and the cheesiness that they come with. We expect what the ads will say and show, a young child passing the ball to a star player and the brand putting itself in the middle of all the mushiness.

This year, GLO outdid itself with its ‘”Rhythm” ad, all thanks to the creative team at SO&U Limited. We did not expect GLO telling us, more like showing us our African connection to football. Making us think that perhaps there is a possibility that our music and dance steps have always prepared us for that moment when we take our place on the football field. It makes us feel like it does not matter whether we win or lose. Whatever happens on the field or on the dance floor, we pour ourselves out and enjoy every minute. The passion is in every move, every drop of sweat, every fall and every win, and when you remember all the times that the world refers to us as a continent full of passion, you nod your head in pride and agreement.

That is the power of advertising, the power to build connections in places you thought didn’t exist, the power to take your attention with or without your consent, and make you enjoy every minute of it. Only a brand invested in its people digs deep enough to know what connections to build, so kudos to GLO for being a bold client and well done to the SO&U team for a compelling storytelling.


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