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Fidelity Bank Attracts Customers with New TVC

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Fidelity Bank, the brand that promises to keep its word, has rolled out a simple straightforward but captivating television campaign with the purpose of appealing to customers and strengthening relationships.

In creating the new television campaign, Fidelity Bank, known for innovative commercials, had the objective of telling a story of how the bank has supported critical sectors of the economy.

It therefore hired DDB Nigeria, the brand building firm which created a commercial that succeeded in conveying the message in 45 seconds with the features of simplicity, surprise and smile.

The advert shows a grandfather reading a magazine in a relaxed environment as his inquisitive grandson plays by his side. Suddenly, the grandson is attracted to the picture of a successful young man on the cover of the magazine who happens to be his father.

Pleased with the accomplishments of his father, the boy wishes also to be successful and asks his grandfather how he can be great, and the old man, showing the boy pictures of businesses in the magazine financed by the bank, replies: “With the help of Fidelity Bank which supports businesses in various sectors.” “Then the bank can help me launch my rocket,” the boy happily says as he tries to shoot his rocket to the sky.

Amadi Igbo of DDB explained that the commercial was told in a manner that people would be looking forward to watch it repeatedly and feeling fulfilled and warmth about Fidelity as a brand each time they watch the commercial. “It tells a story in a tangible form,” he said, adding that the advert was devoid of complications that charasterise many other adverts.

Explaining the concept of the advert further, Emma Ezinnah, group head, Marketing Communication of the bank, said the TVC tried to chronicle all the bank’s support to the society in few seconds.

The bank was running ‘my band’ campaign before the introduction of the new TVC. It is using various platforms, including partnership with NYSC Games and sponsorship of UEFA competition, to appeal to youths.

Recounting some of the bank’s support to the society, Ezinnah said the bank presently has partnership with some states on various projects. For instance, the bank is in partnership with Lagos State on electricity generation which, he said, assists in providing water to the people. “We are also embarking on rice mill in some states towards supporting the country in food supply.”

While appealing the younger generation, the bank is also recognising businesses which many of these youths have established that need support, hence the new TVC. The new campaign is expected to assist the bank build the brand and grow customer base.

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