Big Bull Gold Champions Sahur and Iftar Nourishment This Ramadan

Navigating through the lively streets of Nigeria as the holy month of Ramadan unfolds, one can feel the excitement as preparations go on. The bright showcase of community and tradition that defines this sacred season becomes so immersive.
Amidst the palpable sense of spirituality and devotion, one can’t help but notice the economic challenges that many families face, juxtaposed with their steadfast dedication to upholding cherished Ramadan traditions. Making way through the crowded marketplace, one encounters families diligently selecting their provisions for Sahur and Iftar. Despite the economic challenges that loom over many households, there was one constant presence amidst the activity – Big Bull Rice. It wasn’t just another commodity on the shelves, it was a symbol of affordability and practicality, offering families a dependable source of sustenance and nourishment from a premium brand during these trying times.
Big Bull Rice has lessened this burden by providing pocket size specific products, that is, for every pocket size there is a Big Bull Rice. Big Bull Gold packs cater to diverse needs, ensuring that every household either large or small can partake in value driven purchases all through Ramadan. The wide range of pack offerings from Big Bull Rice are pillars of dietary stability and value during this Ramadan Season. Every pack, from the stable of Big Bull Rice ranging from N200 pack to the 50kg pack, is designed to make Ramadan more enjoyable by offering nourishment and enjoyment. The available pack options are perfect for smaller households and large families and best for community kitchens and charities.
Renowned for its premium quality and non-sticky texture, Big Bull Rice makes every meal a satisfying experience. With its nourishing qualities and excellent swelling capacity, it provides the sustenance needed to get through the long days of fasting and prayer.
As people gather whether it is for intimate family meals or community gatherings to break their fast, Big Bull Rice stands as a symbol of togetherness and abundance. The aroma of steaming rice fills the air, symbolizing nourishment, sustenance, and the spirit of sharing. Whether it’s in the form of delicious jollof rice, comforting white rice, or richly flavored coconut rice, Big Bull Rice serves as a considerate option
With Big Bull Rice by your side, may each grain, from Sahur to Iftar, bring you closer to the blessings of this holy season.
Deepanjan Roy, Group Executive Director, TGI Group, says “The season of Ramadan is a significant one for the Nigerian community and we are excited to be a part of it. As a brand deeply ingrained in nourishing consumers over the years, we understand the importance of providing wholesome and nourishing food options that cater to the needs of consumers observing Ramadan and we take pride in our role in enhancing the Ramadan experience” He stated.
Probal Bhattacharya, Chief Marketing Officer, TGI Group, says “We recognize and understand the current economic reality and are dedicated to enriching the lives of families across the nation. Ramadan is a time of unity and generosity, and we are honored to play a part in facilitating the spirit of togetherness and abundance through our product offerings from Big Bull Rice. As families gather to break their fast and share in the blessings of the season, we hope that Big Bull Rice continues to serve as a symbol of nourishment, sustenance, and the enduring traditions that bind us all together” He said.

Big Bull Rice is Nigeria’s foremost parboiled rice. Big Bull is premium milled, stone free, with an excellent swelling index that retains the natural taste & texture of goodness from the Nigerian soil. An absolute cooking delight with the best texture, uniform size and shape; each grain is highly nutritious, rich in B-vitamins, Iron, Dietary Fibers and Protein, with low Glycemic Index for a healthy consumption. Big Bull is the ideal choice for great tasting rice dishes, be it jollof rice, fried rice, white rice, coconut rice and many more. Available in various consumer-friendly pack sizes nationwide.
Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group is an international investment and holding company with diversified interests and investments across Africa, The Middle East, Asia and other emerging markets. TGI’s investments focus on driving inclusivity and value addition using locally sourced raw materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a highly skilled workforce to produce world class products that are consumed both locally and exported to global markets. Across markets, TGI Group owns over a hundred leading brands in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Agricultural Inputs, Industrial Chemicals, Homecare Products and Pharmaceuticals.

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