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Keystone Bank inspires customers with ‘Never say Never’ ad campaign

Keystone Bank, one of the three nationalised banks, last week, commenced innovative and inventive TVC advert campaign in line with its heritage.

When the bank was created last year with two other banks, marketing communication operators attributed their endurance to effective communication, which they said was central to trust in the banks.

Determined to build this trust in the banking community and increase its market share, Keystone Bank last week rolled out its new television captivating campaign to the Nigerian market.

Entitled ‘Never say Never’ and developed in shot in London by its agency, CentreSpread FCB, the campaign epitomises the growth, development and new horizon of the bank.

The anecdote of the campaign illustrates the ability to surmount odds.Explaining the message of the campaign, Kenny Badmus, creative director of CentreSpread FCB, said; “The television advert shows a journey of a mountain climber who keeps climbing a mountain that seems impossible, but at the end he surmounts the obstacles and got to the peak.”

According to Badmus, the idea was conceived in order to create awareness among the banking public that the “bank is never tired of giving consumers the best,” explaining that the ad was shot in Yorkshire in London because of the availability of human capacity and equipment but the production crew was from Nigeria.

The print version of the ad shares the stories of great people who stayed on with their vision and didn’t give up on their dreams. For instance, individuals like Einstein who was declared a disabled child by doctors and later became the icon of brilliance because he pushed ahead, and others like Jaja of Opobo.

Oti Ikomi, managing director of the bank, who noted the bank researched on various themes before settling for the mountain climb, said when you look at mountain, “it looks rough and high but eventually you must get to the peak through innovation, passion, dexterity and that is the spirit of Keystone.”

The managing director, who said that the “bank is focused,” emphasised that it was offering a differentiated and premium service, as “the customer is the centre piece of Keystone Bank. We are thriving in innovation. We are not satisfied with our market share and the volume of business we have.

We also believe that Nigerian banking community is not satisfied with the level of general banking services it receives. It is therefore essential that we start to satisfy that need.”

Ikomi assured customers that the bank was rededicating its commitment to its stakeholders, as the new campaign was meant to refresh the brand, explaining that in the last 10 months the bank had strategised to reposition itself. “We have 220 business locations in Nigeria.

Out of that, 200 are branches and 20 are teller allocations. We are focused and by 2015, Keystone Bank would be one of the top five banks in Nigeria in terms of profitability and customer service. We came into existence in August 5, 2011, and it is wise we expand the awareness and interaction with our customers,” he said.

The bank was created on August 5, 2011, as an insured, full-service commercial bank, wholly owned by the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria. With a strong focus on commercial and retail banking, the aim of the bank is to attract more customers and grow market share.

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