Global PR Community Gears Up for World PR Day

Public relations practitioners across the world are gearing up for the fourth edition of World Public Relations Day (WPRD)’, themed ‘The future of public relations in a changing world’. The annual celebration scheduled for July 16, 2024, celebrates public relations practitioners, students, and industry thought leaders in the sphere.

Founder and Convener of World PR Day, Ayeni Adekunle emphasised the importance for practitioners to take this opportunity to address pertinent PR issues while providing solutions to these issues plaguing the PR and communications industry.

‘’Amidst the anticipation surrounding the fourth edition of World Public Relations Day, it is imperative for our global community to seize this moment as a catalyst for addressing critical PR challenges and fostering innovative solutions. Together, let us propel the PR and communications industry towards greater resilience and impact,’’ he said.

He further disclosed that the WPRD is part of a unified global agenda to share knowledge and help brands, companies, and governments understand the crucial role the industry plays in shaping businesses. It further builds on the platform’s aim to shape and build strategic communications.

In three years, WPRD has recorded significant growth with over 40 events (20 physical and 25 virtual events) as 36 million people have been reached in 63 countries across 6 continents. Ayeni Adekunle disclosed that this was only possible due to the significant growth across Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, India, the USA, the United Kingdom and many other countries in different continents over the years.

He said; “This remarkable growth underscores the collective commitment of the global PR community to advancing our industry’s impact and influence on a worldwide scale. As we continue to expand our reach across continents and engage diverse stakeholders, World Public Relations Day remains steadfast in its mission to cultivate strategic communications excellence and foster a deeper understanding of the indispensable role PR plays in driving business success.”

The 2024 celebration will incorporate activities to be organised by agencies, associations, and professionals across the world. As of 2021, WPRD recorded a myriad of participation across 5 continents, participation across 6 continents in 2022, and 36 million people reached across 6 continents in 63 countries.

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