Dano Celebrates World Milk Day by Reminding Nigerians That There’s Nothing Like Milk!

“Often imitated, never replicated. There’s Nothing Like Milk”. This is the impactful message Dano Milk is sending out to Nigerians as the leading dairy company celebrates World Milk Day on June 1st, 2024.

Taking a quick look at the Nigerian dairy market, you would quickly notice the presence of certain low-nutrition products like creamers, tea whiteners, and other inferior quality powders calling the attention of milk consumers due to affordability. As a leading dairy company in Nigeria, Dano Milk knew it was time to address the situation and advocate for quality nutrition.

So, when World Milk Day came around, Dano launched its campaign with an impactful message: “Nothing Like Milk”. The campaign aim? To educate, engage and enlighten consumers about the endless nutritional benefits of choosing quality milk over inferior alternatives with little to no nutritional value.

The campaign was brought to life through a series of engaging digital activities and exciting offline events – to drive home the message that when it comes to nourishment, there’s truly #NothingLikeMilk.

To keep the excitement going, the campaign launched the #DanoMilkOclock challenge on digital platforms, encouraging participants to showcase their love for milk in creative ways. Popular influencers like Rechael Okonkwo, Jenny Frank, Diary of a Kitchen Lover, and Aproko Dr led the charge with milk-themed tasks to engage the audience.

Rechael Okonkwo, the beloved Nollywood actress and producer, kicked off the challenge by inviting participants to take milky selfies enjoying Dano Milk. Jenny Frank, the vibrant TikToker, got everyone grooving to Dano’s “No Limits” jingle with her energetic dance routine.

Next up was Chef T, popularly known as DiaryOfAKitchenLover, who challenged her followers to whip up milk-based recipes that were simple yet delicious. From creamy pasta to fluffy pancakes, the entries showcased the endless possibilities with Dano Milk.

Aproko Doctor asked participants to make a pledge to always #GoForMilk. This task emphasized the importance of choosing quality nutrition and making a commitment to better health. The Milky Poetry task rounded off the digital activities, inviting participants to express their love for Dano Milk in verse. The comments section overflowed with heartfelt poems celebrating milk’s role in their lives.


An Exciting Milky Celebration at Ikeja City Mall, Lagos

While the fun was ongoing on the digital space, Dano Milk brought the celebration to life with an exciting mall activation at Ikeja City Mall. For two days straight (June 1st & 2nd, 2024), attendees indulged in milky delights, met their favorite celebrities, and enjoyed a host of family-friendly activities.

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