CHIVITA Unveils Back-To-School Plan With Smart Malt Drink

Chivita, one of Nigeria’s leading beverage brand has launched a new digital campaign for its beloved kiddies brand, Chivita Smart Malt to engage and welcome children back to school. The campaign tagged, “Make the Smart Choice” reinforces the brand’s commitment to engaging mothers with more nourishing option for children, with the Chivita Smart Malk drink

The campaign seeks to inspire mothers to see Chivita Smart Malt as the go-to choice for their children’s back to school pack. With vox pop videos at specifically targeted locations and leveraging online content creators, the campaign is set to drive online conversations, with mothers sharing their “Smart Choice Moments” highlighting instances in their parenting where they applauded the choices they made for their kids for a chance to be rewarded.

A rich source of vitamins, minerals, and healthy components, Chivita Smart Malt drink stands as an invaluable source of nourishment, supporting young children in their academic endeavors and extracurricular activities. More than just a refreshing drink, Chivita Smart Malt is packed with essential nutrients such as Vitamin B1 and B6, vital for cognitive function and brain development. It is the perfect companion for bursts of activities, providing kids with Energy to Learn and Energy to play.

Mrs. Toyin Nnodi, Chivita Hollandia’s marketing director stated that the Chivita brand has always been innovative and very consumer-centric, and the brand is always ready to engage children at their convenience where and when it matters. “At Chivita, we understand the anticipation, and rigorous planning that comes with every new school resumption. We want to celebrate this fresh start with activities that not only acknowledge the unmatched contributions of Mothers but also motivate the burning desire for learning among children.”

“We recognize and salute the extraordinary moments, and it is a privilege to be part of a beautiful journey with our Chivita Smart Malt for children, designed to enhance these experiences. These unique moments are a celebration of the unwavering dedication, invaluable role, and genuine love that mothers pour into their children’s lives. As a brand, we are committed to being a reliable companion in those special moments, ensuring that mothers can create meaningful connections with their children as they embark on school day every day.” She added.

Chivita Smart Malt can be consumed by young children with or without meals and is available in stores across Nigeria in a handy and convenient 125ml aseptic pack and retails at an affordable price. 

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