Burger King Expands its Royal Presence in Abuja, Opens Third Outlet

Burger King expands its royal presence in Abuja, opens third Outlet

Strategically strengthening its foothold in Nigeria’s vibrant food market, Burger King has officially opened its third store in Lugbe, at the Gateway mall in Abuja.

Coming on the heels of the excellence of its existing outlets since it launched in Nigeria, this expansion aligns with the brand’s broader growth strategy, as
Abuja remains a pivotal hub for Burger King’s presence in the country.

Rushdi Ibrahim, CEO of Burger King Nigeria, emphasized Abuja’s crucial role, stating, “Abuja plays a pivotal role in Burger King’s overall expansion strategy in Nigeria, serving as a strategic gateway to tap into the food market in the country’s capital.”

To maintain a consistent and exceptional experience across all locations, Burger King employs rigorous quality control measures and standardized operational procedures. The brand is committed to ensuring that every outlet upholds the same high standards, offering customers in Abuja the signature Burger King experience.


Beyond expanding its footprint, Burger King’s presence in Abuja also contributes significantly to the local community’s economic development with each outlet bringing about substantial employment opportunities, and reinforces the brand’s commitment to job creation at the grassroots level.

Ibrahim further highlighted Burger King’s dedication to community engagement, stating, “Burger King is also committed to engaging with the local community through various initiatives, fostering a positive and mutually beneficial relationship.”

This commitment, he added, extends beyond serving delicious meals. It reflects a genuine effort to become an integral part of the local fabric.

As Lugbe residents welcome the renowned fast-food chain into their locality, Burger King remains steadfast in its mission to offer a consistent, high-quality dining experience while actively contributing to the local economy and community development.

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