Allianz Media Digital Launch Becomes Trailblazer in a lending OOH with Digital Marketing Service

Allianz Media Limited, a trailblazer in Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising is excited to announce the launch of its digital services, by further expanding its ecosystem into blending OOH Advertising with Online Marketing services.
For decades, Allianz Media has been a trusted name in Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising, delivering impactful messages that reach millions across diverse locations. Now, were excited to announce the integration of digital marketing into our comprehensive advertising solutions, ushering in a new era of holistic advertising experiences.
This innovative approach leverages the strengths of both OOH platforms and digital marketing tools to create a seamless and impactful consumers experiences through services such as Geofencing (using either static or electronic display platforms to elicit interactions and engagement with the online audiences), Programmatic Ads, and Social Media Activation engagement where specific and targeted activations around existing boards and locations are deliberately captured and amplified digitally to enhance brand experience and engagements as well as many other forms of digital marketing activities seamlessly blended with the traditional OOH Advertising.
Our mission is to offer the unique services of blending traditional displays with innovative platforms for maximum consumer experience and engagements thereby ending the era of traditional OOH as stand alone services.

Our strategically placed OOH placements, ranging from billboards and bus shelters to digital screens and interactive displays, capture attention and generate initial brand awareness which will now be amplified digitally. With our sister company, Marketing and Media Limited, we have over 500 strategically located hoardings in over 30 states, 57 cities and 200 LGAs across Nigeria. We will be glad to share more information on these new services. Our website is and

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