2face Idibia’s Biography for Public Presentation On October 20


‘He’s an extraordinary being’  – wife Annie gushes


‘He is unfairly gifted’ – Edi Lawani


‘ He’s proof that patience pays’ – Olumide Iyanda


‘He’s very funny and honest’ – Efe Omorogbe


 + more tributes from friends, fans, colleagues and family members


‘A Very Good Bad Guy: The Story of Innocent ‘2face’ Idibia’, the biography of Nigerian pop icon 2face will finally be released on Tuesday October 20, 2015.

The book launch, according to NET publisher and Idibia’s former publicist Ayeni Adekunle will hold at Terra Kulture, in Lagos.

The 460-paged book will contain a wide range of materials on Idibia’s life and times, including accounts from his mother, his wife, siblings, colleagues and mentors. It will also contain selected lyrics and discography, as well as editorial materials dating as far back as 2005.

The biography, done in commemoration of the singer’s 40th birthday, is a first-of-its-kind for any pop star in Idibia’s category, and the first by any contemporary Nigerian media platform. Fully funded and edited by NET News, owners of NewsroomTHENETNGOrinNECLiveand Star, the biography is part of the NET Book Series, a dedicated project to document an important era in Nigeria’s creative industry.

‘It’s the first of many’, Ayeni says.

Already confirmed for Idibia’s book launch are the duo of Tee A and Ali Baba who will serve as event host and book reviewer respectively.


The event will also feature a live conversation between book editor Ayeni Adekunle and 2face Idibia.

In an emotional tribute to be featured in the book, Idibia’s wife Annie writes ‘Innocent is an extraordinary being. I remember when we were so young. He was 24, I was 15. And I still see the same man when I look at him…’

Journalist Olumide Iyanda who pens the foreword says of the singer: ‘…he never rose to a level he could not sustain. Many have come and gone since year 2000. But 2face is still setting an agenda for what and entertainer should look and sound like.  He is proof that patience and true love pays.’

The man who gave him his first gig, Edi Lawani describes 2face as a ‘multi-dimensional man whose life defies definite analysis.  He is an immensely blessed person, almost unfairly gifted…

And confirming the character trait many already attest to, his manager Efe Omorogbe says ‘he’s never said something to me that I found to be untrue.  People often suggest that he is gullible and easy to manipulate. But they have no clue. It’s hard to get him to do what he isn’t sold on- make no mistake; the frail-looking, happy-go-lucky, ‘unserious’ guy can be tough as nails when he chooses to be…’

Idibia himself, in a rare interview published in the book says  ‘I come from a poor background. Poor in the sense of money, not in spirit…’

The 2face Idibia biography is the second instalment in NET’s Book Series, following the publication of Chris Ihidero’s ‘Wanderings of a Rapidly Degenerating Mind’ earlier this year. The book project is projected to replace the company’s weekly print newspaper which has in recent times been epileptic and is already scheduled to go off the stands later this month.

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