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What’s the Best Way to Buy a Used Car in Nigeria?

When you plan to buy a used car, the most important determinant of whether or not you get a good deal is the information the seller gives to you about the car. While most sellers may not be very liberal with the information they give to potential buyers for fear of scaring them away, you can get the information you need by asking the right questions.

Can you think of 10 really good questions you should ask a seller when you want to buy a used car? While you think about it, please avoid questions that will get you a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response. To be honest, you’re not a professional mechanic so why should you know which questions to ask a dealer?

So here is one:

“I’m crazy about maintenance whenever I buy a used car. What things have been done to the car and what do you think will need to be done in the next year or so?”

We at Cheki understand what it takes to buy a used car in Nigeria. There are more questions you should ask a car dealer before you buy a used car but not to worry, Cheki Buyer Assist has you covered.The Cheki Buyer Assist is a service specifically designed to take away any worries you might have about buying your next car. It is a surprisingly easy way to buy a car anywhere in Nigeria stress-free. With the buyer assist program, Cheki will be leveraging its relationship with dealers and its knowledge of the market to solve the enduring problem of trust and quality you might have as a buyer.

“There are many things to look for when purchasing a used car but one important factor is the physical state of the car, so ensure that you give it a thorough check  before making your final decision. This can be a very daunting task for someone who is not a professional and this is one of the many things the Cheki Buyer Assist is here to take do for Nigerians. How many people know that before buying a used car, they need to remove the oil filler cap and take a good look at it? Furthermore, how many know that a foam residue indicates a leaking head gasket? This is just one mechanical thing to note. With the Cheki Buyer Assist Service, we guarantee peace of mind as you buy a car.,” Ibironke Wickliffe, the Campaign Manager, Cheki Nigeria explained.

Apart from alleviating the risks involved, other benefits you will enjoy when you use the Cheki Buyer Assist service next time you are purchasing a car in Nigeria include:

  • Help you negotiate the best price
  • Free consulting to get the perfect fit for you
  • Help you find options in 3 – 7 working days depending on the cars
  • Offer Condition and Registration report
  • Offer Vehicle Registration and Change of ownership services (Available upon request)
  • Offer discounts in Insurance
  • Offer financing Options

When you buy your next car, remember that you’re not buying a used car only; you’re inheriting the car’s past, good or bad. You need to be sure you are making a worthy investment. buy with the confidence and peace of mind you deserve. Request for the Cheki Buyer Assist today.

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  1. I’m considering buying a Nigerian used car (Possibly Opel Zafira model). I look for models and prices from online sources like: http://jiji.ng/cars/opel-zafira . But before buying used car i want to check it, and need some advices. I found a lot of important things in this article. I’m new to car buying this is first car i want to buy. Thank you for useful recommendations.

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