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Microsoft Set toThrill Nigeria Consumers with Windows 8

Businesses and consumers in Nigeria will now experience re-imagined software that perhaps shatters their perceptions of what a PC really is as Microsoft, foremost software developer, introduces Windows 8.

Microsoft says the radical reinvention of the world’s best-selling computer operating system for the touchscreen age has a beautiful new user interface, a wide range of applications with grand opening of Windows store available on more than 1,000 Windows 8 certified personal computers and tablets.

While unveiling the software to IT professionals, developers, journalists and partners in Lagos last week at Microsoft Open Door event, Emmanuel Onyeje, general manager, West and Central Africa of Microsoft, said, “Whether you want a tablet or PC and whether you want to consume, create, work or play, Windows 8 delivers the personalised experience that fits your unique style and needs.

“We believe we are in the beginning of a new era. PCs invented about 40 years ago have helped transform business and how people operate. Presently, there are about 1.3 billion PCs in use. With launch of Windows 8, we see a new era coming when people with personal devices will compute, take their devices, their files, documents and people to any device they wish. We believe you don’t need multiple devices or concentrate to a location, but you need to have a solution, eco-system that allows you to work how you want to work. The design of Windows 8 was based on that premise.”

Onyeje said Windows 8 will boost PCs, rather than accelerating the change. With Windows 8, developers can purchase apps for various services including banking purposes, entertainment and education. Another distinguishing factor of Windows 8 is that a document follows the user, and it is fast.

Also speaking, Kevin Connolly, Windows business group manager, Microsoft Africa, said Windows 8 is the newest version of Microsoft operating system.

“It follows from Windows 7,” said Connolly. “With Windows 8, businesses don’t need to compromise. You see a lot of businesspeople using different devices which are beautiful, but these are consumer devices and not created for serious business users. With Windows 8, a businessman can run office; it is slick and friendly, and one can access database on it and run business application on it.”

Windows 8, he said, allows a business user to be productive for the first time on a tablet. It was equally designed to be used with touchscreens or with traditional mouse and keyboard.

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