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How a Brand Can Stand Out

By Ayodeji Ayopo

A brand should have some basic attributes that will make it stand out in the market place. The brand needs to be properly defined for the consumers to know what its stands for and what makes it different from the others.

It is only a brand that has a significant edge that will stand out in the market place. The brand has to be properly defined to remain in business despite intense competition.

Some key questions need to be focused on such as what does your brand stand for?, What is different about your brand in comparison with others? What is that distinctive value in your brand offerings? When all these questions are answered genueinely,a brand will not only outflank competition but it will also remain formidable in the market.

One major platform for any brand to stand out is through customer service. Customer service should move beyond the traditional customer service to just providing service.

Customers need quality attention as they do not want to purchase a product or patronise a service. Customers want to be treated preferentially and most organisations over look this salient part of the business relationship. The essential thing is for brands to connect directly with the lives of the consumers.

It is only a brand that touches consumers’ lives that can stand tall in the market place. There should also be a database which has detailed information on customers.

The database is the starting point of building an enduring relationship with customers. The database promotes close affinity with customers and builds loyalty. Key customer information should be utilized for business advantage.

Customer database is a powerful and strategic tool that can be used against competition. A communication link between an organisation and its customers is a very potent tactic against intense competition. A brand should be interested in what goes on in the minds of the consumers at all times. This is one way to occupy a priority place in the lives of consumers.

One thing that I have found out is that most brands do not communicate with their consumers. It is through the process of communication that brands can feel the pulse of consumers. Through this, customers have information about the companies and its brands as well as what it stands for.

To communicate with customers also imply that organisation embark on market research to generate feedback from them. There is the need to communicate constantly with customers by providing vital updates for them. Perception survey is also a critical part of the communication channels with customers. It is an avenue to know how to serve customers better and gain useful insights that can drive business growth.

To remain vibrant and dynamic in the market place, it is important for brands to leverage its competencies to gain significant advantage. Every brand has its own unique selling proposition and this should be leverage for impact .

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