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Heineken Breaks the Internet with “Shazamable” Bottle Label and We’re Loving it

Every week, there’s something new making the rounds across social media, When it’s not the Nigeria’s national team and their fashion statement of a jersey, it’s “I deserve some accolades”. However, the talk of the town is the new Heineken bottle label.

Heineken will be celebrating its presence in 192 countries (even I didn’t know we have that much countries in the world) with an amazing new label which is definitely turning heads.

The new label will allow users scan using the shazam app and unlock short fun videos from each of the countries Heineken is present in.

Interestingly, Heineken which has clearly set out to blow our minds will also be rewarding the people who can unlock the most countries every week. Top winners will even stand a chance to win an all expense paid trip to Amsterdam, home of Heineken, or any other 3 european cities.

This first of its kind bottle is already generating massive excitement amongst beer aficionados and many can’t wait to get their hands on the bottle and share in the excitement. The timing of the campaign is also perfect as people can enjoy the games in Russia with a bottle Heineken and also stand a chance to win big, all whilst enjoying the cool feel of feeding your curiosity and scanning another Heineken bottle to see what you can unlock.

The limited edition bottles are set to go on sale on 19th of june and will be available at local stores nationwide until the 31st of August. With all the hype surrounding the bottle it wouldn’t be surprising in the least bit if short videos and the hashtag #192countries begin to dominate social media in the coming days. Just remember when it happens you heard it here first.

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