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RedefiningPR with Chude Jideonwo: In Communication, Life is Simply a Village Square

There is a reality that communication professionals seem to forget, or many didn’t even know to begin with: the whole foundation of communication (PR, advertising, others) depends on human behaviour. It depends on how human beings think; how they speak; how they act; how they react; and, as social media has made abundantly crucial these days, how they share. And …

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How to Build Strong Business Brands

  IFE ADEDAPO writes on how entrepreneurs can sustain their businesses through branding When considering the technological innovations taking over the business environment and the corresponding emerging business models, you will realise that old marketing strategies have to be done away with. With the growing client demand for quality services, focus has shifted from just delivering a service like everyone …

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Millennials and Marketing: Why Brands are Getting it So, So Wrong

Millennials. As a marketer, it’s a term I see every single day. In fact, I started to get so sick of it, I made use of the Millennials-to-Snake-People Chrome plugin, which is about as hilarious as it sounds. I often hear brands state that they are trying to target Millennials, as if that’s some grand strategy designed to reach a …

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Banking in Nigeria: Developments and Customers’ Challenges


Keynote Paper Delivered By Adetokunbo Modupe, Chairman, TPT International by at the fourth Brand Journalists’ Association of Nigeria, (BJAN) Consumer Right Day Symposium. Modupe is an astute communication practitioner and Public Relations guru.   INTRODUCTION Let me first declare my interest. I have consulted and still consulting for some banks in the areas of perception management. I also have minimal shares in …

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Personal Branding is Why Donald Trump Will Win the GOP Nomination

By Andria Young   As a New Yorker and a personal brand strategist, I have to admit when I first saw Donald Trump announce his candidacy for presidency, I thought… “Here we go again with another Donald Trump PR stunt”.   However, my opinion changed when I watched the first CNN Republican Debate in August along with 22 million other …

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Cultivating Desire: How High-End Brands Are Staying on Top By Kelsey Price

Through savvy positioning and the clever use of new platforms, each of these [luxury-leaning] brands is further differentiating its place in the high-end category and driving interest among audiences beyond the uber-wealthy.   When talking about luxury brands, most people will start rattling off big fashion houses – Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Hermès, etc. All …

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How to Choose a Brand Ambassador?

Increasing brand awareness is a slow and a demanding process, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. In fact, you shouldn’t hesitate in hiring help in a form of brand ambassadors that will help you spread the word about your business, service or a product. Suitable for events, promotions and even guerilla marketing strategies, brand ambassadors can help your …

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