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Branding: The Inspiration Behind The Euro 2016 Logo and Identity


The UEFA EURO 2016 logo was designed and developed by Brandia Central, a brand consulting company based in Lisbon, and a market  leader in Portugal with more than 20 years’ experience. Brandia also  developed the logo for UEFA EURO 2012. Brandia Central’s design revolves around France’s artistic reputation.

UEFA EURO 2016 Official Logo

Logo Inspiration

The inspiration that led to the creation of the logo for UEFA EURO 2016 in France is ‘Celebrating the Art of Football’. This theme brings together the creativity that defines French culture with the beauty of the game. It will be the thread for all promotional and marketing activities.

In France, ‘art’ is present in every aspect of life. Whether in cuisine, architecture, fashion or technology, the French way is one of style, elegance and refinement. ‘Celebrating the Art of Football’ also highlights the qualities that make football so unique and cherished throughout the world; the unpredictability, the beauty, the passion of the players and the intensity of the contest.


UEFA EURO 2016 in France promises to be an exhibition of world-class football, enjoyed by the hundreds of thousands of fans who will travel to support their teams amid the beautiful French scenery. It is an opportunity to celebrate the very best that the UEFA EURO and France have to offer.

‘Celebrating the Art of Football’ is the inspiration for the UEFA EURO 2016 brand. It is not the slogan for the event.


The Logo

The UEFA EURO 2016 Logo is a representation of different art movements and football elements. Different inspirations can be identified on the symbol, around the central design device – homage  to the iconic Henri Delaunay Cup. The colours of the French flag combine with flowing lines and shapes to create a contemporary and bold style, lending the logo an aura of distinction and elegance.

France has long been a source of inspiration for artists worldwide.




UEFA-EURO-2016-Brandessence-nigeria5 UEFA-EURO-2016-Brandessence-nigeria6 UEFA-EURO-2016-Brandessence-nigeria7


The Visual Identity

Along with the UEFA EURO 2016 Logo, the brand’s visual identity introduces a unique concept – an artistic representation of football.


A football pitch as the epicentre of all celebration, with  distinctive goals resembling the world-famous Arc de Triomphe.  Festivity spreading around the pitch, with fans cheering and waving  flags. The UEFA EURO 2016 Fans, Pitch, Arc de Triomphe, Football and Festivity. A special graphic pattern was developed to serve as the perfect background for the UEFA EURO 2016 logo.

Inspired by the technique of collage, elements of several artistic movements were woven together into a harmonious composition.



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