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100-year Old Titus Sardine Launches Commercial Campaign


Woken up by competition and perhaps adulteration, Titus Sardine brand, which has remained quiet in the Nigerian market, has developed a new marketing campaign to distinguish the long-standing brand in the market.

The objective of the campaign unveiled to journalists recently is to boost the share of Titus Sardine in the canned sardines market in Nigeria. Speaking at the event, Mohammed Edderkaoui, global marketing director, UNIMER Group SA, Morocco, manufacturer of the brand, who recognised the strength of the Nigerian market, said the aim of the company “is to re-enforce the brand’s leading position in quality, taste and nutritional value.”

According to Edderkaoui, who says the company’s 85 percent activities are into exportation, the campaign will run in various media channels, as the brand has been around for almost 100 years and is available all over the world.

Also speaking, Odun Fadoju, CEO of DP Partnership+DraftFCB Africa, the campaign creator, said the purpose was to bring the brand’s idea to life in distinctive and relevant ways across the world, identifying the core purpose of the brand as a brand of reputation, satisfaction and quality with high superiority.

The brand stands out in terms of taste, quality and aroma, Fadoju further said, noting that the brand comes in different variants such as the olive oil Titus Sardine, tomato sauce Titus Sardine, among others.

Speaking on the health benefits of eating Titus canned sardines, Fadoju stated that Titus Sardine are low in fat, high in protein and has an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

By: Shalom Oshindele

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